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May 2023 Blues with Suede Wrap
May 2023 Blues with Suede Wrap
Handmade Book

This book was part of a five day challenge in the HBC. Three books in five days.
Little Library 5-Day Challenge
Cover: Washed Kraftex with 20+ layers of acrylic glazed paint.
Paper/Pages/Signatures: Four Signatures of 8 pages each. The paper is 80 lb white sulphite drawing paper.
Binding: Long Stitch with wrap around faux suede 3/8" string.
Completed on May 26, 2023
New York, NY

Additional notes: the Cover is one solid wrap around piece. Original measurement: 6.25" x 12" which was cut down during the final tweaking of the book.
The Signatures are 6" tall by 8.5" wide folded in half to make 6" x 4.25" pages.
The spine measurement is 1.25" which is a little too much space for this book.