Balance Relationships are messyContemplateExpressBe in the presentLookAgeSince the beginningFantasticAll sizes and formsAncient Egyptian CoupleIt’s in the teachingsFamilies stay togetherNow what?A fine specimenFertileInner criticPlayPlay and be heardStrong coupleWe’re all a little bit funkyWhisper Something SweetWisdom in ContemplationWaitHow does one follow in the footsteps of their parents?Are you listening? Life of a goat herder Coupled with birdYour ParentsWarrior in life and deathHow We Hold OurselvesHome Freedom in a bird’s presenceCalm withinAn athlete at rest What is your ancestry?Nothing like a fit athleteListen and observe
Subtle love between mother and child
Joy found in the creative processNot just a vesselTwoSoul MatesContemplation before action
What would you like to do tonight dear?How far do you see?
The Poet in Contemplation
Where are you?
50 50 III
My theme: Meditations on the human condition drawn from artworks in museums.
The 50 images displayed here represent a journey I embarked upon for the 50-50 show at the Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica, CA. The basic premise was: artists create 50 works in fifty days on whatever theme they proposed. The common thread being - each piece measure 6" x 6."

Meditations on the human condition drawn from artworks in museums.

Artists throughout time have gone to museums to look at and be influenced by great works of art. I believe that art has energy embedded in it. By sitting, drawing and studying works found in museums, these objects cannot help but have an influence on a person's own journey and life process.

These works represent my desire for: connection, the dynamic of relationships, contemplation and reflection on who we are as human beings; finding play where-ever we can; and the energy found in fertility, tribe, home, one's body, and spirit.