Balance Relationships are messyContemplateExpressBe in the presentLookAgeSince the beginningFantasticAll sizes and formsAncient Egyptian CoupleIt’s in the teachingsFamilies stay togetherNow what?A fine specimenFertileInner criticPlayPlay and be heardStrong coupleWe’re all a little bit funkyWhisper Something SweetWisdom in ContemplationWaitHow does one follow in the footsteps of their parents?Are you listening? Life of a goat herder Coupled with birdYour ParentsWarrior in life and deathHow We Hold OurselvesHome Freedom in a bird’s presenceCalm withinAn athlete at rest What is your ancestry?Nothing like a fit athleteListen and observe
Subtle love between mother and child
Joy found in the creative processNot just a vesselTwoSoul MatesContemplation before action
What would you like to do tonight dear?How far do you see?
The Poet in Contemplation
Where are you?
50 50 III
Meditations on the human condition drawn from artworks in museums.
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Artists throughout time have gone to museums to look at and be influenced by great works of art. I believe that art has energy embedded in it. By sitting, drawing and studying works found in museums, these objects cannot help but have an influence on a person's own journey and life process.

These works represent my desire for: connection, the dynamic of relationships, contemplation and reflection on who we are as human beings; finding play where-ever we can; and the energy found in fertility, tribe, home, one's body, and spirit.

© Lisa Aksen