Lisa Aksen

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use and reuse

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1. Realism tweaked
Choosing "profane" subject matters and integrating a form of "spiritual" illuminated manuscript format continues to be a form of painting and drawing I return to time and again. The connection to art history is part of my creative DNA.

2. Abstraction
Informed by nature and ritual, I mean to embody a repertoire of soul, psyche, and spirit. In shaping space into form, a ritual temenos is created in which to breathe and honor art, nature and planet. As in the progression of a tea ceremony, sacred cultural symbols and images have become embedded in works of acrylic paint on paper and wood panels. A deep immersion into and observation of nature allow subtle shifts in planes of light and flowing color. As though breathed onto the surface, these works become a flow of moving prayers. Breathing nature into layers of textured paint and sound is a way to build color and light into vast spaces, even in the smallest of works. The goal is to bring each piece, and maybe the artist too, through the chaos inherent in the creative process into a state of translucent harmony.

3. Plastic
I am also involved in creative works which exemplify my belief in sustainable reuse - walking softly upon the earth. Brightly colored, malleable, crocheted and stitched vessels and wall pieces made of discarded plastic bags, a by-product of our "throw away" society, are turned into ritualistic objects respectfully focused on the wellbeing of the earth.