Lisa Aksen

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My art is: abstract painting, illustration, photo-art and transforming plastic bags into crocheted objects.

Abstraction is my way of expressing life energy and spirit through color and texture. Each painting becomes a journey in texture, movement, breath and air in transparent layers of pigment. Each one is a dance between the natural world and the inner world of the Self bubbling outwards onto a surface.

Drawing from what I've seen, world events, cultural, personal or art history influences are subjects I return back to. All of these are part of my creative DNA.

Plastic Transformed
I am also involved in creating works which exemplify my belief in sustainable reuse - walking softly upon the earth. Brightly colored, malleable, crocheted and stitched vessels and wall pieces made of discarded plastic bags, a by-product of our "throw away" society, are turned into ritualistic objects.